USA Nationals 2011 in Virginia Beach

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USATT voted last week to have the USA Nationals this December in Virginia Beach, rather than the traditional Las Vegas, where it's been held all but three years since 1976. (Both cities bid for it.) Any thoughts on this? It was a 5-3 decision. The other major USATT event, the U.S. Open, will be in Milwaukee in July, while the North American Teams, the other "major" tournament, will be in Baltimore in November, two and a half weeks before the Nationals. To me, this is a head-scratching decision, as it not only puts all three "majors" east of the Mississippi, but (more importantly), the Nationals will not be located in either a highly populated area or a vacation area (i.e. Las Vegas or Florida), plus it will be rather expensive to fly to. It'll take incredible promotional work to avoid a huge decrease in entries.

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Re: USA Nationals 2011 in Virginia Beach

As for the US Open, Milwaukee and Grand Rapids are supposed to be alternating for the next few years

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I was looking forward to

I was looking forward to attending Nationals each year. I don't know if I will be able to this time as flight and hotel are cheaper for Las Vegas than anywhere else. I can't help but wonder why they decided to change it. I feel sorry for all of the talented California players who will have to travel so much farther to attend the major tournaments.

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Hmmmm.... that's actually

Hmmmm.... that's actually within driving distance (Virginai Beach) from The Boneyard up here in Dingmans Ferry, PA so I might actually ponder attending.  As to the other points you make... yeah... a puzzlement, that.



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