Hello I am Brian

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I am currently rated in the 1700’s and very passionate about Table Tennis and have played all over the world. I just played in Dublin, Ireland last summer and did not win a set but had lots of fun and made some good friends and of course drank a few pints of Guinness. I have been playing since the late 70’s and started with the c-miller style and now I play shake hand however, I will occasionally use the c-miller style to change the dynamics of the game for a tactical advantage. I liked to tell people that c-miller is my first language and shake hand is my second.  There were two reasons why I changed first; because I found I was being too defensive and I was getting beat by the better players; second my paddle that I had bought in Okinawa in 1989 was burned in a fire in Iraq in 2007. When I was playing c-miller style I used Donnic Desto and Super-Anti, which some of the better players suggested I try since I had played with one side.

I retired from the Marine Corps in 2006, since then I have been a civilian contractor working first in Iraq, and them Afghanistan. I play as much as can and try to teach the basic fundamentals to a young Soldier or Marine who I see is passionate as I am. I am currently in Jalalabad at FOB Fenty in Afghanistan and they only have one table at the Green Bean (Coffee Shop) and it’s outside in a screened porch style setting. Fluor (KBR) run the operation and buy the cheapest equipment, so I buy better quality equipment for the soldiers, like nets, paddles and three star balls. As you can imagine it’s not too much fun playing in the middle of summer here, but it’s better than nothing….. They have tournaments once a month but I work nights, so I do not participate.

I am sure you don’t remember me Larry, but we have met a couple of times when you guys had your tournaments in Gaithersburg, I attended a few tournaments in the early to middle 90’s, had a great time very well organized.