Balance when playing backhand

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Slim Dragon
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Hey coach...happy New Year..

Here's my question;

After watching video analysis, I noticed that I tend to lean my right shoulder (I'm a righty) when anticipating playing a backhand punch. Then if I'm engaged in a backhand to backhand rally, my ready position ends up with my right arm sort of half  extended while my right shoulder and body weight lean forward and to the right. I think it affects my ability to pivot to play forehands from the middle and backhand positions. The pros always seem to look balanced when executing their shots and mostly keep their shoulders level before and after their shots.

Is this a serious problem of mine and if so, how do I correct it?

Larry Hodges
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Re: Balance when playing backhand

Hi Slim Dragon, I'd have to see it to be sure, but it does sound like you are going into a backhand position when you are hitting backhands, which might make forehands more difficult. Leaning in with the right shoulder is something righties do when hitting backhands more from the middle of the table, i.e. they are trying to cover over half of the table with the backhand.  If you are leaning in with your right shoulder, you are likely putting your right leg in front, with weight on it, which makes forehands even more difficult unless you move back quickly - but that's wasted time. If you are just hitting flat backhands (i.e. not backhand looping), you definitely don't want to get into a backhand position. Many players play these shots with their feet almost in a forehand stance, though neutral is most common. And balance is, of course, imperative - if you are off balance, you'll be a stationary player with erratic shots.