Suitable dimensions for a tt court

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Dear Coach,

Our association (Bermuda Table Tennis Association) has been looking for a permanent venue for a training center. Unfortunately, due to our budget and availability of space, we have had to settle on a venue which has dimensions of 23 1/2 x 40 feet.

If we lay the tables out using the shorter dimensions for the lenght of the courts, we can possibly squeeze in 4 tables side by side with 4 feet of distance between each. The problem is, we would only have 7'3" of playing room on each end.

Our other option is to have 1 table set up using the shorter dimensioned side as the length of the court and use this table with a robot and thereby have one end closer to the wall as the robot won't need that much space. We could then have 2 tables set up using the longer dimensions (about 30 feet to accommodate for the other table set up in the other direction) and these would again have about 4 1/2 feet between them.

My question is which is the more ideal arrangement for proper training?

Larry Hodges
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Re: Suitable dimensions for a tt court

If that's the largest area you can afford, you'll have to live with it. Players can do basic training on four tables, but perhaps go to three when possible so you have room on the sides. Then periodically go to one table so the top players can practice counterlooping, and possibly lobbing or chopping, depending on their styles.