2014 ICC STIGA California Open Update - March 28

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(Top 4 seeds are in the photo. The little fellow will play too but he's not the top seed yet.)

163 players before the deadline! The sport in bay area is definitely onto something. The top-2 popular events are U250 and U500 - both over 35 entries! Most tournaments in the US don’t even offer such events! However, Friday events are definitely full. We’ll start to contact players for refund. Aologize in advance if you get a call. Will try to make some modifications to accommodate more players for the next tournament. The Saturday and Sunday events are still available - as of now. Today is the deadline.

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That’s quantity. How about quality? Here are some stats:

- A 2604 average of top 8 seeds

- 13 players over 2400

- Five out of top 20 US Men are in the tournament

- Three out of top 20 US Women are in the tournament

- Four players will play in the World Championships in April.

- Three out of four 2014 US Junior Boys’ Team A will play. (Krish Avvari will not play because of the Road To Nanjing tournament in Canada)

- 50% of the 2014 US Junior Girls’ Team A will play.

So, spectators and players, are you ready? Did I mention it will be free to watch? The tournament will be held at ICC, 1453 N. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 on April 4, 5, and 6.

The tournament is the 6th stop of the 2014 North American Tour.


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