In and out of the zone

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I'm a 1600 level player who isn't consistant.  In a tournament I can play at a very high level or low level and all points in between.  Style matchups don't seem to play a part in my eratic play.  Last year I lost to a 1200 rated player in 5 who was coached by a 1900 level player who knows my game well.  Two hours later I beat the coach in 4.  I'm also A.D.D.  Any thoughts.

Have fun in Oak View this weekend.  It should be very pretty this time of year.

Larry Hodges
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Re: In and out of the zone

It's hard to judge without seeing you play, but most erratic play is mental. If you develop a consistent and positive mental approach, you'll get consistent play that'll match or approach your best level. If you can play 1900 level some of the time, and it's not style match-ups, then you can play that level most of the time if you let the subconscious take over and let it do what it's been trained to do. The conscious mind should focus only on basic tactics. When the conscious mind gets emotional or tries to take control, the level drops dramatically.