Any Upcoming Training Camps for Seniors

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I was talking with another senior (over 60) player yesterday and he expressed an interest in going to a training camp of some sort.  He said he had even thought about going to China.  I strongly suggested he stay in the US if is really most interested in the TT and not the travel experience.  MDTTC was one of the places I suggested he look into.

He is probably rated around USATT 1500.  He is very physically fit, but does have some mobility limits due to some problems with a foot/ankle.  He said he was interested in something around a week long camp although he would consider something shorter.  Based on you last blog I think he would be more interested in a training camp type event rather than a clinic or class.

So do you have any upcoming training camps (or clinics)  that might be the most appropriate for him?  Heck if you make it sound really good I might even be tempted to join him.