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Sandpaper paddle tournaments

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I  am "old school" ( fred flintstone) sandpaper guy and looking to get back into the game. Sorry to say that I can't adapt to the new technology paddles. 

I reside outside of Philly and having trouble finding ( hardbat/ sandpaper)tournaments in  the EAST.  Does anyone have a tournament schedule?


Phil Meltzer


Phil Meltzer



Larry Hodges
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Re: Sandpaper paddle tournaments

Hi Phil, the person who probably knows the sandpaper game and schedule best is Ty Hoff. You can reach him at tyhoff2000@yahoo.com. USATT President Mike Babuin also runs sandpaper events and is likely knowledgeable about sandpaper events; you can reach him at mbabuin@triangletabletennis.com. Hope this helps!

-Larry Hodges