Running for the board

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I understand your position regarding the upcoming election.  My observation is that you'd have to be nuts to want to be on the board.  An activist board member that wanted to do the things that you suggest would just get shut down by the rest of the board.  I think it would be extremely frustrating to have good ideas, and to have them ignored or not acted on.  I've thought of running in the past, but have felt it would be a waste of time.  I feel the same about volunteering or donating money to the USATT.  My confidence in the USATT is at an alltime low.  I'll support the clubs and play in as many events as I can, but I won't do anything for the USATT.  It appears that most of the members feel the same.  This is such a great sport with great leadership potential within the sport, but when visionaries like Rajul are denied a spot on the board it sends a clear message to the membership.