ITTF : Boosters, Wrong services, Rapid glue, prohibited Pips => PETITION

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Dear ITTF’s Leaders, and National Federations’s Leaders,

We expect you to finally get involved and actively apply the Table Tennis rules concerning Services, Boosters, Speed Glue, and prohibited Pips; or that you work so that these rules are modified and can, at last, be applied!

We want matchs to be played in equitable terms, for everyone.

Hidden services have been prohibited for 12 years; glue and boosters for 7. We cannot stay in this vague and unfair situation, where some players comply with the rules and others do not - sometimes even boasting publicly about it.

It does tarnish the image of our Sport, and we can no longer accept that. What image are we giving? That of a game in which the players can decide to apply the established Rules or not?

Please act, now, for Table Tennis and Equality!

You were elected to manage and organize our Sport… You can do it even better than what you are now!

We are strongly counting on you, please don’t wait any longer.


The petitioners