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After some careful deliberation, I have decided to start playing hardbat. I have played against hardbats before with Chance Friend, and I believe that I will be able to pick it up fairly quickly as a long pips player. What I would like is recommendations of where to get my hardbat and what kind to get. I have heard that all hardbats play about the same, but people say the same thing about long pips and I think those people are...

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Re: Harbat Recommendations

+1 on the Valor Table Tennis as a go-to equpment resource.  The "Premier" hardbat manufacturer... if not in the entire world, at least the USA.

Hardbat.com has a plethora of information such as what rubbers and blades are legal for "official" hardbat play.  A lot of excellent testimonials as to why many of us...  "Luddites" or "Anachronisms" have converted to the game itself.  We truly believe... it's a different game altogether.  To paraphrase... a bit... "The hardbat is an elegant weapon... from a more civilized age...."  ;-)


There's the yahoo hardbat discussion group (many of us here tend to post there as well).


As to all hardbats playing about the same... BALDERDASH!!!!  There are WORLDS of difference between blades, rubber, etc.  You'll also hear about such things as "where you TOO can get top quality 38mm balls (and why on EARTH you would want to do that)", etc.

Do give yourself a bit of time whilst first playing with the hardbat... it truly IS different... strokewise for certain as well as strategically.  If you have folks that play hardbat regularly where you play that's even BETTER... as it's a bit more of a challenge trying to learn your hardbat "chops" playing against sponge all the time.  No to worry... it can be done, just easier (and more fun) when it's hardbat vs hardbat.

You'll also find most of us hardbatters are just a little passionate about the classic game....  ya think?????


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Re: Harbat Recommendations

Hi PipProdigy,

Anyone who thinks all hardbats play the same doesn't know much about hardbat! There's a wide range of rackets and surfaces. I suggest contacting Valor Table Tennis and explain your playing style, and they should be able to recommend a good blade and hard rubber. Good luck and hope to see you at the table someday!