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Hi all,

I'm Adrian from Singapore. I have been partipating in table-tennis since I was a youth. I use a Japanese pen-hold grip with Hurricane III inverted rubber. I am a moderate top-spin attacker with frequent manipulative blocks. I've been reading books my Mr Larry Hodge and found it useful for improving my game in this part of the world.

Have a nice day!

Larry Hodges
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Re: Hello

Hi Adrian,
I thought I had a Tip of the Week on this - but when I searched, I made a discovery - I did write the article and put it online as a future Tip of the Week, but somehow it got forgotten, and never went up as a Tip! So here it is - let me know if this helps. Every opponent is different, of course, but this should give you some general tips to choose from. 

How to Play the Bomber: The Player Who Tries to Blast Every Shot

Hope this helps!
-Larry Hodges