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My name is Alberto Prieto and I am the owner of Valor Table Tennis. My products are primarily geared towards hardbat players, but I also carry some interesting, non-hardbat items. Valor blades are all handcrafted by me in the united States. My style of play is defense, both in hardbat, and in regular table tennis. 


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Re: Greetings!

Alberto's in the room!  And I see he's finally stating that his products are HAND CRAFTED as opposed to manufactured.

Though etymologically... I think the words mean the same.

I'll 2nd Larry's endorsement... Alberto's stuff is simply the BEST.

As to varying chop or backspin.... I've long been an attack player... but find myself now working a LOT more with chop.... maybe it's a part of givin' 'em back the same crap they drove ME nuts with?

Good to see you in here, sir!


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Re: Greetings!

Welcome, Alberto! I can vouch for the hardbat equipment you use, including the American Chopper blade that I used to win hardbat at the 2010 Cary Cup. Work on varying the backspin in your chop, and you'll drive opponents crazy.