Hello all, I'm Patrick

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Hi everyone,
I am Patrick Léveillé, in montreal region.  I played competitive in the '80s as Canadian Jr team member and made the team once for the worlds, in 1989 where I had the chance to see the first world title for Waldner.  I stopped serious play after, study, 3 kids, great time trying the same on tennis courts, but I keep coming back to competitive table tennis from time to time, mostly leagues and tournaments, playing a wide range of levels...
In the last few years, I am interested in defensive play, trying to build a modern defense game with long pips on bh.  I am also interested in sport psychology; always looking for good reads (my coach used to be a Tim Gallwey maniac!), physical training (bodyweight) and hardbat play.
Larry: I played against your team in Baltimore in 1999 or 2000 but it was my time on the bench...  (you were playing with a young Han Xiao).  Nice site by the way.
Larry Hodges
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Re: Hello all, I'm Patrick

Hi Patrick,

I remember you, and remember playing with Han on my team. (I think he was on my team two or three years.) Glad you like the site - make sure to check out the daily blog, Mon-Fri. And welcome to the site!

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Re: Hello all, I'm Patrick

Welcome to the site. Always happy to have a long pips player around. I feel like I'm the only one here.