Hi, I'm Chris...

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I've been playing since 2005, thanks to my brother (life-time USTTA member, player for over 30 yrs).  I started with long pips (backhand) and short pips (forehand), tried various brand and blades,  and used them until January, this year.  Now playing with inverted (relatively slow) on my forehand and short pips (for more control) on my backhand.  I was looking for a more intense style of play, and inverted is definitely it.  Now all I have to do is forget all of the long pip habits.  Simple, right???!!!

I'm still learning how to play with inverted, and how to play in general, but I'm having more fun being more offensive.  Being older (50+), it's a little harder to learn to play fast, but it's a welcomed challenge. 

Looking forward to reading tips, advice, and equipment references.  Looks like a great site!




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Re: Hi, I'm Chris...

Hi Chris, and welcome to TableTennisCoaching.com! It's never too late to learn. As to being over 50, so am I - and I'd rather be on your end of the learning curve (going up) than mine (going down)! 

-Larry Hodges