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I appreciate the information and knowledge you guys (especially Larry) share here.

My main interest in table tennis is to help my kids progress. I also like playing table tennis, and I wish I was a better player.

I have been a student of Larry Hodges' for some time, without his knowledge. I have read through most, if not all, of his articles, blog entries, and tips I could find on this website, and have benefited a lot. I have also used some tools he recommends and I think they are very helpful. I really appreciate his contribution to table tennis community. Thanks, Larry.

Larry Hodges
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Re: Greetings!

Hi tthelper, glad the articles and blog entries have helped! And thanks for the kind words. (Also, sorry about the late response - as I noted in my blog today, for some reason the software hasn't been sending me the automatic emails when someone posts, so I missed a number of comments.)