799 Short Pips on the Forehand

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Can you recommend a more consistant stroke for my forehand?  I recently switched to 799 Short Pips from Inverted and I have a tendaceny to try and loop when I think it should try to hit the ball on the rise or at the top of the bounce.  I also switched to Pogo OX on my backhand and trying out underspin on incoming topspin balls and topspin on underspin balls and it seems to be working out pretty good.  I do attack with my backhand by snapping through the ball but have some trouble with with getting handcuffed at times forcing a weak ball.

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Re: 799 Short Pips on the Forehand

Hi Toxicspin,

I suggest studying the strokes of shakehand players with great pips-out forehands. (There aren't many these days.) The obvious one to study is Johnny Huang, formerly of China, then a member of the Canadian National team for a number of years, who reached top ten in the world. (He's probably in his mid-40s now.) He had short pips on both sides, and attacked all-out. Here are a few videos - there are many more, just go to youtube.com and put in "Johnny Huang table tennis." Hope this helps!

Johnny Huang (Canada) vs Lucjan Blaszczyk (Poland) (4:21)

Johnny Huang vs Kim Taek Soo (0:33) (Huang's on far side.)

Johnny Huang vs Alexey Smirnov (15:15)