BH from out of position

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Hi Larry. Occasionally, and I mean perhaps a few times a night, I will find myself caught out on the forehand side without adequately recovering my position and the ball is coming back to the backhand side. The way I see it is, after doing a 'reverse Falkenberg / crossover' going to the left, my options are: a) BH chop, b) BH lob, c) BH counterloop. Are there any options that I'm missing? What is the best decision in this situation (objectively speaking), and what should I be doing if I can't execute whatever that is? I usually go for option c because I usually feel I have a chance of making the shot (my BH offensive shots are unusually good, relatively), although the statistics don't bear this out, so either my judgment there needs work, or I need more focused practice on that specific shot. My chopping and lobbing skills are very undeveloped. What do you think?

(p.s. I posted a comment on the blog about the Chinese footwork videos, I'm not sure if you saw it.)