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Hi, my name is Heriberto i live in Puerto Rico, for those who dont know Puerto Rico is a small island next to Dominic Republic and we are USA territory and we mostly speak spanish anyways, im 25 years old and i start playing table tennis when i was in 9 grade till the first year of college then i stop playing till recently last month i bough a table and start playing for fun and realize that i can see different aspects of the game and love it even more now, i consider my self a begginer and i never been coached by anyone i have learned watching videos and copying what i see, i probably will ask basic question later on :D other than that i will order my first custom made paddle tommorow wich im really exited, i want to be the best player that i can become :) im taking the game more serious that i was before, i know i will receive a lot of help here and i hope i can help other in the future thanks!

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Re: Heriberto Here!

Welcome Heriberto!  I'm up here in the wastelands of Pennsylvania (Another U.S. Territory... but we call it a "Commonwealth"  :-)  GOod to see you here.  You can become reasonably proficient at this great sport sans any "Coaching".... at least I have to a point.  That being said, at your age, I think if you were to avail yourself of a Coach, that would probably help you immensely.  Of course, having the internet, online videos, etc., is an immense advantage over when I was your age... none of that was at all readily available.

I wish I had had that opportunity when I was younger... at which time I tooka TWENTY SEVEN year "hiatus" from the game.... started playing again at the advanced age of 47.  52 now, and OK... my rating is 1152 or thereabouts.... and IMHO I have yet to actually get to a tournament with my Game ON. 

Don't know what club activity there is down there... check the USATT website... and also Craigs List... I found a few places to play in there!

Right now, I'm not actively pursuing tournament competition... it's a bit difficult, being a full time Hardbatter..... but once I relocate to sunny SW Florida (Hey!  That's like ALMOST in your neighborhood!) I will once again pursue the tournament circuit.

There's a bit more hardbat activity there....  well... at least I hope there will be.  Seems all the hardbatters there are jumping on the LIHA (Sandpaper) bandwagon....  Not that I wouldn't mind that.... but after watching a few of Ty Hoff's videos..... (the man is as fluid at Liha as Jeff Beck is on the guitar!) I daresay.... well.... heck, I'll try anything!

Again, WELCOME (Bienvenidos?)

Larry "Boneman" Bone
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Re: Heriberto Here!

Hi Sofaires, and welcome to TableTennisCoaching.com! I've coached a number of players from Puerto Rico at our camps, and I've coached against even more in tournaments, alas. Good luck with your new paddle, and I look forward to your questions.