Blade Weight

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I broke a blade the other day.  As I look for a replacement blade I've noticed a big difference in weights (63-105 grams).  I've always used OFF - blades weighing around 87 grams.  Is there an advantage in using lighter or heavier blades.

Larry Hodges
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Re: Blade Weight

Hi mts288, there's a wide range of opinions on blade weights, but it mostly comes down to this. The heavier the blade, the more stable and more powerful your shots will be. However, a heavier blade is slower to manuever. Many pips-out penholders like very light blades, but most loopers like a heavier one, but not so heavy that there's any strain when you stroke. Much of it is personal preference. Also note that much of the weight comes from the sponge - a larger blade or thicker sponge means more weight, and that often means more than the weight of the blade itself. Hope this helps!