Footwork when blocking.

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I'm right handed...shake hand. I use LP on my backhand. I use it primarily to block at the table and counterhit. I'm just geting started so most of the balls I return are blocks.

After I block I often get jammed when my opponent returns to my forehand. I've noticed that I (unconciously) block with my right forward. I think that is a habit I got into with inverted as I'm more backhand oriented. Who knows?

Ideally,  when blocking should the feet be square to the table and then step/hop back to "ready" position with the right foot slightly back?  Or should blcoks be done (when possible) with the right foot remaining back a little?  I've watched some Pushblocker videos and he often stands with his left foot back. I'm not trying to copy's just an observation. Seems to work for him as he uses his backhand 95% of the time.

The actual block shots I'm getting the hang of....but simple as it seems to footwork or body angle to the table seems to be costing me points.


Larry Hodges
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Re: Footwork when blocking.

Hi Trebor, pushblocker is an extreme case as he blocks just about everything with his backhand. Normally a blocker wants to have his feet roughly square for the backhand, right foot slightly back for forehand (for righties). However, some players learn to block on the backhand in a slight forehand stance (right foot back) so they can cover for the forehand, the very problem you are mentioning. In general, blockers often develop the bad habit of reaching for the ball instead of moving. You need to learn to step toward the ball so you can block in a good position. In your case, after blocking the backhand you probably do need to step back slightly into a ready position for the next ball. You might want to read my Tip of the Week from yesterday on this subject, i.e. leaning instead of stepping. Hope this helps!