March 1, 2011

Yes, they all play table tennis!

Yesterday I updated the Celebrities Playing Table Tennis page. (Special thanks to Steve Grant, world's greatest celebrity playing table tennis photo-finding sleuth!) It now has 1171 photos of 695 celebrities, all playing table tennis. Yesterday's updates were:

  • Singers: Justin Bieber, Lil Jon, Elton John
  • Actors: Kevin Spacey, Joe E. Brown, Michael Ansara
  • Actresses: Barbara Eden, Susan Sarandon (new picture), Ginger Rogers, Jessica Alba, Madeleine Sologne, Phyllis Brooks
  • Leaders: Walter Mondale, Benjamin Netanyahu (prime minister of Israel), Juan Carlos (future king of Spain)
  • Athletes: Rafael Nadal, tennis player (new photo), Nicolas Kiefer (tennis player), Trevor Berbick (boxer), Sam Bradford (football quarterback)
  • Writers: A.J. Jacobs, Howard Jacobson, Jerome Charyn, Steven Berkoff, Sloane Crosley, Davy Rothbart, Jonathan Safran Foer

Want to see a robot juggle ping-pong balls?

I do! Make sure to go to 1:05 when the second ball is added - it's pretty impressive. But then here's a humanoid robot--or more like a Terminator robot--that apparently can play table tennis! I wonder if there's video somewhere?

What U.S. table tennis celebrity is moving in with me for two weeks this Thursday?

See if you can guess!


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