April 1, 2016

Ping-Pong for Quitters – My New Book!
Are you gutless under pressure? Unwilling to fight? If so, I have written the book for you!
Ping Pong for Quitters is my 12th book, my eighth on table tennis. (Here are all of my books.)
Realizing that most players are not as serious and hard-working as most high-level players,
I decided to write one for you, the normal player, the ones who don't always try their best,
like to goof off, and would rather quit than fight hard and put in all the hard work needed
for those who want to be the best. Some players will fight to the end in every game, but
others just don't have that warrior instinct. It is for those players that I dedicate this book.
Of course, few players will admit to being of the lazy, quitting sort, but no one has to know!
Like most of us, you can just have fun with the sport, and leave the sweat and tears to the
Stars (who buy this book instead) – and this book tells you how. On sale soon at Amazon!

MDTTC Spring Break Camp
This past week we had our Spring Break Camp at the Maryland Table Tennis Center. We had about 40 players in all, mostly ages 7-15. Because we have seven full-time coaches, I was only needed in three of the ten sessions, but my great coaching (and a bag of Jolly Ranchers candy) put me in great demand. The camp ends today - and little do the kids know that I have several bags of candy (Jolly Ranchers and Hershey Kisses) that at the end of the session I'll piled onto the table and let the kids try to knock them off as I feed multiball. (Whatever they knock off they get to keep - they are allowed to trade what they win with what's on the table.) 

MDTTC April Open
Next Saturday, on April 9, I'll be running the MDTTC April Open in Gaithersburg, Maryland – so sign up now! You can sign up online. Here's the MDTTC Tournament Page, and here's the entry form for this year's tournaments. Events include Open, U2350, U2000, U1700, U1350, Under 14, and Over 50 (all RR).

Sean O’Neill: Top Tips for Intermediate Players
Here's the new podcast (57 min) with the five-time U.S. Men's Singles Champion and two-time Olympian, from Expert Table Tennis. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Sean got started in the sport and improved so quickly [1:00]
  • Sean’s views on the future of table tennis [10:00]
  • Why video analysis and scouting is so important [17:00]
  • 3 tips for intermediate players [25:00]
  • The important of good footwork and mastering the basics [32:00]
  • Sean’s thoughts on The Expert in a Year Challenge [41.00]
  • Encouragement to keep going when times are tough [46:00]
  • How to contact Sean [52:00]

Forehand Topspin Tutorial
Here's the video (1:24) from 3StarTT coaching.

Ask the Coach Show
Episode #250 (28:16) – "Our Last Show." Yep, it's hard to believe, but they are breaking up the band – no more "Ask the Coach" shows. I blame Yoko.

Junior Olympics and JOOLA Teams South
Table tennis is back in the Junior Olympics! They will be held this year in Houston, TX, Aug. 1-3. Here is the info page and the entry form. Some players will be going down a few days early as they will be holding the JOOLA Teams South in the same venue immediately before the Junior Olympics, on July 30-31. Get ready for five straight days of table tennis!

Butterfly Cary Cup Championship Live
Here's where you can watch the tournament this weekend, Fri-Sun.

World Table Tennis for All Day - April 6
Here's the USATT page for the event.

Judah Friedlander: The World Champ on 30 Rock, Trump, and Ping Pong
Here's the podcast (51:21) on the table tennis playing comedian & actor.

Athlete of the Month – Tin-Tin Ho, 17, from London
Here's the article.

International Table Tennis
Here's my periodic note (usually every Friday) that you can great international coverage at TableTennista (which especially covers the elite players well) and at the ITTF home page (which does great regional coverage). Butterfly also has a great news page.

Top Ten Shots at the Qatar Open
Here's the video (6:11).

2016 Qatar and Kuwait Open Finals
Here's the USATT page with links for Men's and Women's Singles and Doubles finals.

Dream Garage Honda Civic Ad
Here's the video (30 sec) that features table tennis!

Jamie Oliver Playing Ping Pong
Here's the hilarious video (58 sec) of the famous British chef showing off his secret talent at table tennis.

Batman versus Superman
In honor of the #1 movie at the box office…

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