September 28, 2016

Watch and Learn
I had a student yesterday who couldn’t seem to find his forehand loop. He kept changing it, and roving about, sometimes too close to the table, others times falling back – he was like a leaf blowing in the wind. Finally I had him put his racket down and had him watch two of our top juniors on other tables who were looping against block with other coaches. After about two minutes of this, we started up again, and suddenly it all came back - and he was on fire!

There’s a related Tip of the Week on this: Watch the Top Players Before a Tournament or Big Match. One of the best ways to learn and to get your game together is to watch the top players.

Technical & Tactical Tips for Table Tennis Players – by Werner Schlager
This is “Werner Schlager Week” at Expert Table Tennis, with daily articles from the 2003 World Men’s Singles Champion!

2016 Coaching Rule Guidance
Here’s the article on the ITTF Coaching Rule – rejected (for now) by USATT, but still to be used in ITTF events such as the U.S. Open – by USATT Rules Chair Kagin Lee. Here is the USATT Rules of Table Tennis page, which shows where USATT rules differ from ITTF’s.

Jiaqi Zheng Interview
Here’s the interview by Rahul Acharya.

11 Questions with Amy Wang
Here’s the USATT interview (3:15).

USA Medal Tally Continues in Slovenia
Here’s the USATT article by Matt Hetherington that features USA’s Amy Wang, Victor Liu, and Sharon, Gal, and Adar Alguetti at the Slovenia Junior & Cadet Open.

Top Names Remain Unbeaten but Lower Down Order Testing Times
Here’s the ITTF article that features USA’s Amy Wang at the Slovenia Junior & Cadet Open.

Atlanta Open
Here’s the article.

G. Sathiyan: Dawn of a New Champion from the Indian Subcontinent
Here’s the ITTF article.

2017-2020 USATT Athletes Advisory Council
Here’s the USATT article and listing.

Paddle Palace Club Grand Opening
Here’s the info flyer – another full-time club opening! The new club in Portland, Oregon, has its Grand Opening on Oct. 1.

Karakasevic - The Legendary Backhand (Karas Magic)
Here’s the video (7:12).

2016 September Westchester Open
Here are videos of one of the semifinals and the final, by Ariel Chen.

Allen Wang’s Favorite Shot – Backhand Around-the-Net Loops
Here’s the video (10 sec)!

Beetle Bailey Table Tennis Cartoons
Here’s a new one from 1960, which I’ll call “Ping Ping Ping Ping Pong!” (Initially I couldn't see the year, but Aaron Avery zoomed in and found it in the third panel.) Here are other Beetle Bailey Table Tennis Cartoons, cut & pasted from a previous blog. (NOTE - I'm updating this as new ones are published.) 

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