December 29, 2016

Tip of the Week: Ask the Distributor!
(Today's blog is both a regular blog entry and a Tip of the Week.)

At clubs all across the nation and the world, the same routine goes on all the time - players are constantly asking and talking about equipment. Only ratings are more discussed. (Typical greeting at a club: “What’s your rating? What equipment do you use?”) And it’s true that you can learn a lot by asking others about equipment - and better still, trying out their equipment.

But think about it - a distributor might have dozens of sponges and dozens of rackets that might suit your game. The possible combinations can run into the thousands. While you may gain valuable information asking questions, remember that they mostly know what works for them, and no two players play alike. You need to find what works for you. You may find this by experimenting, but the probability that someone else at the club just happens to have the perfect racket and sponge combination for you isn’t likely.

But there’s an expert out there ready to help - and that’s the equipment expert at the distributor. All of the major ones have someone like this, who has literally tried out every combination of their equipment, and knows just about all there is to know about all of them. Their job is to find a perfect combination for you - because if they don’t, you’ll be going to a rival. Not only that, but each of these distributor “equipment junkies” lives and breathes table tennis equipment, and so it will be his lifelong dream to discuss your equipment needs and find you the perfect combination. He’ll know what questions to ask of your game with the goal of finding you just what you need.

So if you aren’t sure yet about what equipment to use, why not contact one of the major distributors and ASK? (You can also do this at most major tournaments.)

Butterfly vs. JOOLA on a Blimp
Last night I had one of those surreal table tennis dreams. I had some sort of flying device, and used it to fly up to the Butterfly Blimp. It was huge and luxurious, reminiscent of the huge cruise ship I was recently on. It was vacant, and I felt a bit guilty as I explored it, including the private quarters of the Butterfly owners, and even a hot tub. Then I heard a thumping sound – it was a JOOLA attack! The JOOLA crew boarded the ship, armed with machine guns, and it was "Die Hard" on a blimp as I raced about, avoiding them. Finally, one of them caught me, and we had a discussion about my fate as he gently stroked a shaggy white cat on his lap, a la James Bond. Then I leaped out a window, only to discover I'd forgotten my flying device, and woke up as I fell. (Only one of the "JOOLA people" was a recognizable person, and he isn't even affiliated with JOOLA.)

Table Tennis Phenom Harimoto Shows Age No Limit
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Ma Long No Spin Serve Technique Slow Motion 2016
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This 15-year-old Orthodox girl is a Pingpong Champion
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DHS ITTF Top 10 - Best Shots of 2016
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Images of the Paralympics Go Viral
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Net-Eye Glasses
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Insane Table Tennis Under leg shot by Jakub Dyjas!
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Dog Hypnotized by Table Tennis
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