February 9, 2017

More Table Tennis Tips
Yesterday afternoon I finished proofing and formatting my 12th book, "More Table Tennis Tips." It consists of the 150 Tips of the Week I put online from 2014-2016, but in logical progression. It'll likely be about 240 pages, and should be out around March 1. I blogged about this on Monday. (It's the sequel and companion to Table Tennis Tips.) Last night I sent it out to the "Fearsome Foursome," who are proofing it - Kyle Angeles, Mark Dekeyser, John Olsen, and Dennis Taylor. A great thanks goes to them! (Plus mention in the book, free autographed copies, and appointment to my cabinet when I become U.S. president.)

Here's a funny story. I did all my proofing the last two days at Ledo's Pizza. After I finished yesterday, I returned home with the manuscript in a carry bag, and several slices of pizza in a carry-out box. I was thinking feverishly about the cover - lots of ideas. I opened the refrigerator and began putting the carry bag inside! I stopped, then went to the closet, and sure enough, I'd put the pizza box there, where I keep the carry bags.

Regarding the cover, I've got all sorts of crazy ideas, and may play around with them over the next few days. Me coaching a group of animals, all holding paddles? Me, as Moses, holding the two tablets - "Table Tennis Tips" and "More Table Tennis Tips"? (But the latter would then be a picture of Moses holding the two tablets, one of which would be a picture of Moses holding the tablets, one of which would be a picture of . . . you get the idea.)  Or I could just throw in another picture of me coaching a group of (human) players.

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