March 16, 2017

More Table Tennis Tips
Here it is! And it’s yours now, exactly 200 pages, for only $11.99! I’ve been hard at work (yes, many of those late nights) compiling it in logical fashion, editing, doing page layouts, the covers, inputting edits from the “Terrific Trio” of proofers (Mark Dekeyser, John Olsen, Dennis Taylor), even putting in a few graphics. I don’t yet have a copy myself. I proofed and okayed an online version, and am now feverishly awaiting a hard copy. (A kindle version will come later.) This is my eighth book on table tennis (and twelfth overall). Here’s the description from Amazon:

Here are 150 Tips to help your table tennis game, by Larry Hodges - a member of the U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame and a National Coach. They compile in logical progression three years' worth of Tips of the Week (2014-2016) from They cover all aspects of the game: Serve, Receive, the Strokes, Grip and Stance, Footwork, Tactics, How to Improve, Sports Psychology, Equipment, and Tournaments. (This is a sequel to "Table Tennis Tips," which covered the 150 Tips from 2011-2013.)

How to Get Backspin on a Reverse Pendulum Serve
Here’s the article and podcast (7:50) from Expert Table Tennis

A Guide for Parents to Find the Best Table Tennis Coaching For Their Child
Here’s the article from Coach Me Table Tennis.

It's Not All About You - Something to Think About...
Here’s the article from Samson Dubina.

USATT Insider
Here’s the new issue, which came out yesterday.

2017-2018 Youth National Team Trials and Selection Procedures
Here they are!

Richard Solomon, Kissinger aide involved in ‘Ping-Pong Diplomacy’ with China, dies at 79
Here’s the obit in the Washington Post, which includes a picture of Solomon playing doubles with China’s 3-time Men’s Singles World Champion Zhuang Zedong.

Why Would a Below Average Table Tennis Player Would Try Out for the U.S. National Men’s Team?
Here’s the video answer (3 min) from Richard Perez, who is trying out. (Current rating: 1549; highest rating: 1721.)

Parkinson's New, Unexpected Foe: Table Tennis
Here’s the article and video (2:53). “Nenad Bach, an international musician and Croton resident, is encouraging fellow Parkinson's sufferers to try ping-pong to battle the disease. His health has improved since he started playing two-to-three times a week about a year-and-a-half ago.”

Circling the Table

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