March 20, 2017

Tip of the Week
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Sunday Coaching
Sundays is my “big” coaching day, though to some of the full-time Chinese coaches, it would be just another day. Many of them coach 50 or more hours per week, while I’m only doing 24 this next week. (I’m such a slacker.) This Sunday I mostly coached from 11:15AM – 8:30 PM, with a rare 1.5 hour break in the middle where I’d normally teach the Beginning Junior Class – we had a snow day built into the schedule, but since there were no snow days, we were off yesterday. (Another ten-week session starts next Sunday.)

After doing private coaching from 11:15AM – 4:00PM, and that 1.5 hour break, I worked with the “Talent” program from 5:30-7:00PM, where I supervised shadow practice, serve practice, and then fed multiball for almost an hour. We did a lot of interactive multiball, where I fed the first ball (usually backspin), and the two players played out points. There are 22 kids in the program, ranging from about 7 to 12, all advanced for their age.

For the Adult Training Session (7:00-8:30PM), after the usual stroking and footwork drills, the night’s focus was on “Brick Wall Backhand Blocking.” One player would attack crosscourt from the backhand corner, hitting or looping, using either backhand or forehand (or alternating or switching back and forth as they wanted), while the other player had a simple goal: get everything back. I explained how you watch the opponent’s stroke to see where his shot is going and how hard, and so begin to react before he even hits the ball. Then just stick your racket in the way of the ball, and watch it go back! As I’ve often said, it’s a crime to get your racket on a hard-hit ball and not get it back – see my Tip, Returning Smashes: Reacting and Racket Angles.

More Table Tennis Tips – Print and Kindle
It’s now out in both formats! 200 pages, 150 Tips in logical progression – what are you waiting for? (If you don’t buy it, I go hungry. Is that what you want?)

How to Stop Changing Grip Between Shots
Here’s the article and podcast (6:27) from Expert Table Tennis.

Dexterity - Learn How to Improve Your Game 500 Points This Year!
Here’s the article from Samson Dubina.

12 Steps On How To Serve A Ping Pong Ball Like A Pro
Here’s the article from Ping Pool Shark, with links to video.

4 Key Skills You Need to Become a Match Winner
Here’s the article from Table Tennis University.

Pips Appreciation Days
Here’s the article from Coach Jon on our new National Holiday. But what’s on the menu these three days? Since chips are like pips, I’m going to suggest we eat only chip ice cream those three days - Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chip, Raspberry Chip, and so on. This just became my favorite holiday!

USA Team Trials Articles by Matt Hetherington
The USA Team Trials are this week, March 23-26, Thur-Sun, at the Triangle TTC in North Carolina.

Commencing in Korea, New DHS Plastic Ball to Be Used at All ITTF World Tour and Challenge Tournaments
Here’s the ITTF article.

Belarus Open
Here’s the ITTF page for the event, held this past weekend, with results, articles, video, and pictures. Congrats to Champions Samsonov and Sato!

Minnesota Brings Diverse Table Tennis Team to Nationals
Here’s the article by Andy Kanengiser.

Ask A Pro Anything - Miu Hirano
Here’s the video (6:07) with Adam Bobrow.

Best Points Of Lin Gaoyuan - The Marvelous 12
Here’s the video (4:28) of this new Chinese sensation, who even upset Ma Long!

Great Backhand
Here’s the video (40 sec, including slo-mo replay)!

Moves like Ogi
Here’s the article and video (15 min) – “Have you got the moves like Ichiro ‘Ogi’ Ogimura?” “Japan’s Ichiro ‘Ogi’ Ogimura was a two time men’s singles World Champion during the 1950s and went on to become President of ITTF. If you’ve never seen Ogi in action, now’s your chance.” (Ogimura was one of the prime characters in my fantasy table tennis novel, “The Spirit of Pong.”)

Steve Shirts Artist Shop
Some new table tennis shirt selections from Steve Worthington!

21st Century Neon Pong?
Here’s the picture!

Size Restriction on Racket?
Here’s the cartoon!

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