March 21, 2017

Coaching Almost Non-Stop from 11:15 AM to 8:30 PM Takes Its Toll
Yeah, I did that this past Sunday, not easy at age 57, and now I’m paying the bill. On Monday I had 4.5 hours of coaching scheduled, but one kid came down sick and so I “only” did three hours – but toward the end my back was killing me. I had to “retire” any looping in rallies with students. On top of that, my right Achilles tendon was screaming, “Stop moving or I’ll throw a fit,” and throw a fit it did as I developed a subtle limp toward the end that wasn’t so subtle later that night.

Anyway, after a good night’s sleep, the back and Achille’s tendon are back to mostly just angry muttering. I only have two hours of coaching today and two tomorrow, and then I can rest them on Thurday and Friday. (I’m normally off those two days, but I’m subbing on Thursday, teaching a class, but that’s not as physical as private coaching. I’ll wear running shoes instead of table tennis shoes – I’m sure Mr. Achilles will approve.)

I remember back in my late teens and early and mid-twenties being able to practice hour after Hour after HOUR, with no side effects. Once, on a “day off,” I played 15 sets of tennis in one day (!) - and had no trouble going back to table tennis training the next day. Ah, the good old days. . . .

But doing those long hours on Sunday (and a growing number of hours on Saturdays and Mondays) allows me to go a bit easier the rest of the week, so I can get more writing and USATT work done. Some of the coaching – group sessions and multiball – aren’t as physically demanding.

Meanwhile, I’m off to see the dentist at noon today – we’ll see what other bad news I can have today! And then I can attack that growing todo list.

More Table Tennis Tips as ITTF News Item
Here’s the article! C’mon, you KNOW you want to buy copies of Table Tennis Tips and More Table Tennis Tips!!! (Or Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers, still my best seller.) 

Traditional Backhand Flip vs Banana Flip
Here’s the video (1:44). I actually linked to this video in January, but the title was simply “Backhand Flip” and some may have missed it – so here it is again! I spent my playing days with a regular backhand flip – and a pretty effective one! – and only learned the banana flip later on as a coach. I sometimes think it would be valuable for players to have both as each has advantages (as you’ll see in the video), but that would mean perfecting still another technique, and it might be harder to learn both – so if you are to specialize, the banana flip is the stronger shot.

3T Table Tennis Training
Here’s the video (2:44) where they practice half-long serve, counter topspin, and other techniques.

Chopper/Looper Training
Here’s the video (30 sec).

World’s First Down Syndrome Table Tennis Coach
Here’s the video (2:08) from the BBC.

Grace Lin TTC Hosts Superb Hopes Camp and Trial
Here’s the USATT article.

If You’re Leading 10-0, Do You Give a Mercy Point?
Here’s the video (1;25) where you see how different players reacted.

International Day of Happiness
Here’s the video (31 sec) from the ITTF!

Sixty Seconds of Two Six-Year-Old Girls Hitting Forehand Without Miss
Here’s the video! Their heads are barely over the table.

China vs Yugoslavia (1975 WTTC final)
Here’s the video (3:25) - China wins 5-3. Lu Yuansheng, Li Zhenshi, Xu Shaofa vs Antun Stipancic, Milivoj Karakasevic, Dragutin Surbek.

2017 Nut Cup
Here’s the video (1:18) of Allen Wang highlights at the Coconut Cup tournament held at MDTTC this past Saturday – some crazy shots! He was in town and so played the tournament, which is a non-rated “fun” team tournament.

Fetch! Fetch! Fetch!
Here’s the cartoon – poor dog!

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