August 29, 2017

Fall Scheduling
With local schools starting next week, I’m working out my new Fall coaching schedule. This is one of those surprisingly tricky things, sort of like trying to do a 20-piece jigsaw puzzle, which sounds easy except the pieces keep moving around, changing shape, and sometimes disappearing, with new ones showing up randomly.

During the summer we have little private coaching before 6PM (Mon-Fri) due to our summer camps. (Only available times are before 10AM and during the 1-3PM lunch break, but I rarely schedule during those times.) So while we often have sessions after school at 4 or 5PM, during the summer everyone has to move to after 6PM. But now, with school nights, the kids generally do their sessions earlier. But strangely, most of them have other afterschool activities (!), so we have to schedule around them. Worse, their schedules aren’t set in stone – they keep changing as they get new info, and sometimes it changes, week to week. Plus I have to work the schedules around my group sessions, which are mostly on Thursdays and weekends.

My weekend schedule won’t change much, just my Mon-Fri schedule. If I were one of the 50-hour/week coaches (we have several at my club), I’d be spreading them out all week. But since I generally can’t do more than about 20 hours per week, I’m trying to corral all the sessions into three weekdays, plus Sat & Sun. But last night I saw a glimmer of a chance, just a chance, that I might be able to schedule all my weekday sessions into two longer days and nights – something that would make me very happy. That would give me three days off three days to do more writing and other USATT & MDTTC stuff!!!

Drop Ceiling
Here’s the video (28 sec) from Samson Dubina – “Many of my students don't bend their knees. Many of them bend their knees at the start of the point, then begin to stand up or bounce too much during the long rallies. I have been threatening them for years that I would add an adjustable drop-ceiling to my tt room. Ok, I finally did it. Now, if they stand up, they are reminded by the drop ceiling.”

Table Tennis – Old vs New Ball
Here’s the article, with a link to a PingSkills video, on celluloid vs. the new plastic balls, from Sports Flu.

Titans Clash in Final, Wu Takes 7th Title at Westchester
Here’s the article by Matt Hetherington.

Exceptional Prize Money for 10-Year Anniversary Butterfly Badger Open
Here’s the article by Barbara Wei.

Eligibility Testing for Class 11 Participation and Table Tennis Training Camp
Here’s the USATT info page.

History of U.S. Table Tennis, Volume 19 (1991-1992)
Here's chapter twenty-three - 1992 – Non-Tournament Articles. Or order your own print copies at, Volumes 1 to 19! (Volume 20 is almost ready – a final proof copy was sent to Tim for final inspection.)

Ping-Pong Diplomacy Comes to Britain
Here’s vintage video (65 sec) of the Chinese team visiting England, circa 1972.

Thailand TV Game Show?
Here’s video (10:29) of what appears to be some Thailand game show, where two kids (twins) put on a table tennis show.

Amazing Ping Pong Battle: Knife vs Brick
Here’s the video (13:08) of this amazing play – both serious and exhibition – between these two Vietnamese players, one using a knife, the other a brick!

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