August 30, 2017

Capital Area Team League and Other Leagues
The Capital Area Team League is for players in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area. The “early bird” special deadline is tomorrow, August 31. Final deadline to enter is Sept. 12. If you don’t have a team, the league committee can help you find one. First league matches are on Oct. 1. Here are the basic rules:

  • Teams have a roster of at least 3 players.
  • Team contests will have 6 individual matches and one doubles.
  • Each team will be placed in a division according to their ratings, with similarly-rated teams – priority consideration will be given to teams who have participated in the last season.
  • No USATT membership required to play.
  • Detail league rules here.

So . . . you want to play in such a league, but don’t live in the Capital area? Here’s the USATT League page, where you can find info on other such team leagues currently operating, how to start one, as well as info on singles leagues.

This is also a good time to mention that USATT is currently without a League Committee Chair, or a League Committee. If you are interested in chairing it, let me know, and I’ll forward you to the appropriate person. (Here’s the USATT Committee listing.)

USATT Remembers Robert Tretheway
Here’s the article. (I blogged about him on Aug. 16.)

Table Tennis Tidbits #7
Here’s the article, with link to video, by Robert Ho.

Miu Hirano Hook Serve
Here’s video (58 sec) of the world #5 woman from Japan demonstrating her hook serve variations (also called a tomahawk serve). Alas, as you can see, she illegally hides contact each time with her head – but these days nearly all the top players illegally hide their serves, and umpires and referees allow it, even though the serving rules not only make such hidden serves illegal, but state that the serve is illegal if the umpire is “not sure” about its legality. So, by not calling the serve, they are claiming the serve is clearly visible, when of course it is not.

High Marks, Outstanding Response in Iran
Here’s the ITTF article on USA’s Christian Lillieroos recent camp in Tehran.

Chinese National Games Videos
Below are three from EmRatThich. (Here’s an ITTF article on them, but I don’t see the results online anywhere in English.)

Pong Universe Point of the Week: Ning vs. Mattenet
Here’s the video (29 sec).

Andrew (from Pong Universe) and Shaia Williams Play Outdoor Pong in the Alps!
Here’s the video (22 sec).

Chen Weixing vs Jörgen Persson - Exhibition Match
Here’s the hilarious video (5:43) from EmRatThich!

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