September 18, 2017

Tip of the Week
Always Think of a Loop as a Set-up Shot.

In my 57th year I have this seven-year itch to tell seven of nine stories I have on sevens. Here are my seven deadly sins stories of seven, otherwise known as the magnificent seven.

  1. Seven hours becomes one hour on Saturday. I normally have seven hours of coaching scheduled on Saturdays, my busiest day, from 10AM-5PM with no break (plus 5:30-7:30PM twice a month). But an extraordinary thing happened this past Saturday, or rather six of them. My 10AM student told me a few days in advance he was away and wouldn’t be able to come in. My 11AM student emailed that morning that he had strep throat and couldn’t come in. My 1PM student emailed that morning that he’d forgotten to tell me that he was out of town this weekend and couldn’t come in. From 2-4PM I have two students who come in together, but they were away at a tournament and so neither were coming in. My 4PM student had a family thing he had to go to and so had rescheduled the session for Sunday. Result? My seven hours of coaching became one hour. (I spent the day writing four Tips of the Week, most of this blog – including this – and working on three different science fiction stories.)
  2. Two of seven pays on Sunday. I run an adult training session on Sundays from 7-8:30PM. Two weeks ago a new player came in for the session, but forgot to bring cash or check. (I can’t take credit cards. The club can, but at 7PM on Sundays the staff is gone.) He absolutely, positively guaranteed that he’d come back later and pay the $20. I pointed out that this had happened exactly six times before, and while all six promised to pay, only one had. Like the previous six, the player gave his absolute word that he’d pay. So I let him in the session. Two weeks later – yesterday – he showed up and paid!!! So now it’s two for seven.  
  3. The mystery of why I put a seven centimeter bandage on my foot on Wednesday. I was off on Monday and Tuesday this past week. I was fine both days, and absolutely, positively did not have a huge gash on the back on my foot. But when I woke up on Wednesday morning, guess what I had? Yeah, a huge gash there. This may be the mystery of all mysteries – where did it come from? Did a werewolf come through the window while I was sleeping and gnaw at my foot? I don’t know. All I know was that it was painful, and forced me to limp. I almost cancelled my three hours of coaching that night, but after putting a bandage on it, I was able to play, though moving aggravated it. 
  4. On September 7 I learned that I’m going to have to pay about $1200 for repairs to the electrical grid in my building. We had a meeting on this, and that’s how much it’s going to cost, divided by all of the townhouses using it. Plus I had to cancel two lessons to make the meeting, costing me another $100.
  5. Why I’ll have to cancel seven hours of coaching on Oct. 7. Because I’ll be a panelist at the Capclave Science Fiction Convention in Gaithersburg, MD. Here’s my bio there.
  6. Seven books on table tennis by me on sale at Amazon. So why not buy one of these? (I also have Instructors Guide to Table Tennis, but that’s free at USATT.)
    1. Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers
    2. Table Tennis Tips
    3. More Table Tennis Tips
    4. Table Tennis Tales and Techniques
    5. Professional Table Tennis Coaches Handbook
    6. The Spirit of Pong
    7. Table Tennis: Steps to Success (out of print, but used versions are still for sale. I plan to do a rewrite of this eventually, maybe next year.)
  7. In seven days I see the dentist. NOOOO!!!!!

USATT National Team Coaches Development Group
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Club Owners and Managers
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Ma Long Training: Backhand, Forehand & Serve
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Have You Seen This Kid Before?
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Top Ten Women’s Points: #10
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Racketlon: The Ironman of Racket Sports
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Little Big Shots Philippines: 11-year-old Table Tennis Player
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