September 26, 2017

Power Out
When I woke up this morning the power was out. I have no idea yet why, but it's been out for at least the last 2.5 hours. Alas, all my blogging files and links are on my desktop computer, so I don't have access to them. (I'm using my laptop on batteries for this.) So no blog today. Hopefully power will come back on soon. (I haven't called the power company yet, but will do so after this.) As if this weren't bad enough, I have a noon dentist appointment. To tide you over until tomorrow, check out the USATT news, ITTF news, or Butterfly news. Oh, and here's an animated gif of a man versus a cat

ADDENDUM 1 (1:00PM): Power came back on around 10:30AM. And I have the beginning of a cavity, and so have to go back to the dentist at 3PM for that. 

ADDENDUM 2 (4:00PM): Just got back from the dentist, gained a filling, spent $474 on checkup, cleaning, and new filling. There goes a lot of coaching hours....

ADDENDUM 3 (5:30PM): The pain killer that numbed my teeth and gums has worn off - and my teeth and gums HURT!!!