November 13, 2017


Day Off
Oh boy, do I need a day off. Friday was Veteran’s Day, a federal holiday, and my normal policy is to take those as holidays as well – but I simply forgot, and ended up doing the blog and working all day Friday. Then came the even busier weekend where I coached all day and night. And now, after staying up late to watch the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, plus The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, and Family Guy – yeah, late Sunday night is my weekly “TV” night – I have all the energy of a broken ping-pong ball. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m normally blogging Mon-Fri, while coaching long hours on Sat & Sun (as well as during the week), so I normally don’t have any days off. So I’m taking today off. (It’s not a total day off – I have a few things on my “todo” list I need to get done today, plus we have our monthly USATT Board of Directors teleconference at 7PM – I’ll blog about that and other things tomorrow.)

Meanwhile, here’s video of “The Diving Point” at the German Open, Timo Boll vs. Lin Gaoyuan at 7-6 in the first game. Who do you think wins the point? Here’s commentator Adam Bobrow’s explanation (60 sec) afterwards on why the umpires got it right and gave the point to Lin, despite Timo’s heroics. Here’s the home page for the event that finished this weekend in Magdeburg, GER, Nov. 7-12, with complete results, articles, and lots of video – and surprise, just like the Men’s World Cup, and with all of the top Chinese competing except for #1 Ma Long, the men's final was another all-German final!