December 29, 2017

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. I battled the flu just before the U.S. Open. During the Open I battled shoulder and knee problems – and after badly injuring my shoulder, I’ve had to cancel all private coaching for the next 2-3 weeks. And now I’ve come down sick again - chills, queezy stomach, complete exhaustion, and just miserably sick. I got up this morning fully expecting to start blogging again, and then reality hit – and I’m about to go back to bed. (I’m still on west coast time, so 9:30AM feels like 6:30AM.) I’ll get back to my usual daily blogging, Mon-Fri, next Tuesday, Jan. 2. Until then, check out the news items at USATT and ITTF. Plus here’s a dog trying to play table tennis (12 sec). 

5 PM FRI UPDATE: I spent the day in the hospital. Diagnosis is Gastroenteritis, better known as stomach flu though its not actually the flu. I'm in agony. Was dizzy and could barely walk, so had to take Uber home, leaving my car there. Haven't eaten since breakfast, can't keep anything down, and can barely drink water, so am dehydrated as well. Have to go back tomorrow for a follow-up. Hope your day went better. 

10 PM FRI UPDATE: Still in agony, fever over 102. Managed to eat a bowl of cream of wheat.

9 PM SAT UPDATE: I thought I was getting a little bit better today, but tonight it's come back in full relapse. I'm wearing warmups and under a heavy quilt, but have been shaking like a leaf in a hurricane almost non-stop for hours. In between are short periods where I'm burning up. But head is on fire. The rest of of me is just agony. In two days I've eaten only two small bowls of cream of wheat, and that was a struggle. 

10 AM SUN UPDATE: Slept over 12 straight hours, 10PM to 10AM - first time I've been able to really sleep in days. Woke up 90% better. Hopefully no relapse this time. Was able to eat a banana nut muffin for breakfast, first food other than two bowls of cream of wheat since Thursday. I might actually get some work done today - have a long todo list. Need to get the MDTTC January Newsletter out, for one. Plus about a million emails!!!

9 PM SUN UPDATE: My stomach has been going crazy all day, and the very sight of food makes me nauseous. Haven't eaten anything since that muffin this morning. I'm staring at a can of chicken soup in a monumental battle of wills, but so far it's winning. But I think I'll win . . . eventually. I did the MDTTC newsletter today, but that was my energy limit for the day. Now I'm watching the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy. 

11 PM SUN UPDATE: I won the battle of the chicken soup. It fought well. It's now doing footwork drills in my stomach. I think it plans to set off fireworks at midnight. 

11 AM MON UPDATE: Just in time for the new year, the miracle new Larry Hodges Diet Program is now available! Here is the process:

Step One: Catch Gastroenteritis

That's it - it's a one-step process!!! You too can lose five pounds in just 2-3 days. Here's a limited time offer - for just $10, come by my house and I'll drag myself out of bed and shake your hand, and if all goes well, you'll curse me for a few days, but a week from now you'll be five or more pounds lighter!!!