January 26, 2018

Professional Day for Teachers
That's today, and so local schools are closed, and we're running a one-day mini-camp at MDTTC. As is my normal policy, if the kids are off, so am I - so I'm off today, except for this shorter than usual blog. After all, I'm a professional coach, so doesn't that make me a teacher? (It's also Australia Day, and we wouldn't want to insult Hugh Jackman, Crocodile Dundee, and 25 million kangaroos. Or PingSkills.) But here are a few quick items.

National Team News
If you happen to be a USA National Team Contender or like to follow the news about them, here are three USATT news items that went up:

World Championship of Ping-Pong
The World Championships of Ping-Pong are this weekend, Jan. 27-28, in London. Here's a video (9:27) from Sky Sports News, where Gavin Rumgay explains the difference between table tennis and ping-pong (the latter is with sandpaper rackets, he says). Here's a list of Qualifiers - USA players are Trevor Runyan and Bin Hai Chu. (I believe A.J. Carney won the U.S. Qualifier, but apparently isn't attending.)

New York City TV Live Online
Here's the video (7:28), from Jules Apatini. From the description: "NYC TV LIVE ONLINE" recorded and edited this very exciting and special TOC event at Grand Central Station. Featuring "Ping Pong" an incredible form of APE (Aerobic Progressive Exercise) for all ages and genders. Presented by Big Brothers Big Sisters Of New York City.

Real Table Tennis
Here's the cartoon! (I've seen other versions of this, but this is the first one with plates and silverware flying!)

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