March 28, 2018

MDTTC Spring Break Camp, Day Two
I focused on basics in my group today - forehands, backhands, footwork, and serves. The strokes are coming along nicely. One girl "invented" a heavy topspin serve, with almost a looping contact - she did this on her own, I hadn't even taught her yet about the different spins or what a loop was. She was so excited about it I didn't have the heart to tell her that she hadn't invented the serve. Others in the group had difficulty returning it, and so were trying to copy the serve.

It was interesting contrasting two players and their forehands. One had a tendency to take a short, quick stroke, and hit the ball on the rise with a jerky, almost slap-like stroke. The other tended to take a long, wandering backswing, with a flapping wrist, and hit the ball late with a very flat contact. Both improved as the session went on, but the two shots were such extremes I told them that, on average, they had perfect forehands. 

We did the ten-cup challenge, where I stacked ten cups into a vertical pyramid (four on bottom, then three, two, and one on top), and with me feeding multiball, each got ten shots to see how many they could knock down. In the first round, two knocked over seven, three got six. The second time around, three got seven, but the last player got eight - or as I put it, no one had ever gotten that many in billions of years, not on that table on that morning.

Someday I'm going to figure out if, to the kids, I'm a towering pillar of ping-pong wisdom, or just that guy who gives them Jolly Ranchers (candy) and my smart phone to play with during breaks. Hmmmm….

Table Tennis Tidbits #21
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Re: March 28, 2018

The article by Robert Ho (" Ramen and Lo-Mein...") is dated 3/27/2018 on USATT site, but appears to discuss tournaments held in June of 2016... Looks like a glitch on USATT site or something.

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Re: March 28, 2018

I believe Robert Ho's columns talk about and analyzes events of the past.

Re: March 28, 2018

Not really... :) - byline on the article:

TABLE TENNIS TIDBITS  # 21   By Robert Ho  6-24-16

It was reposted yesterday - perhaps they meant to publish more recent article, but put up this one instead. Don't know...