April 13, 2018

Summer Table Tennis Training Camps
Summer is coming, and it's time to plan for your summer training needs!!! Email me if you'd like me to add you to the listing below - I will likely link back to it numerous times. (With apologies to those missed - I put out a note last week asking for those running camps to contact me, plus I listed the ones I already knew about. I visited many of the major full-time clubs to find info on their camps, and listed those I could find.)

Why would you go to a table tennis camp? The simple answer is . . . to get better. But many would say, "I can train at my home club, why go to a camp?" At a camp, besides getting expert coaching, you get intensive training typically for five days, which is enough time to dramatically improve your game. This type of saturation training will lead to far more improvement than just practicing on and off for longer periods of time. Plus, it's a memorable event - you love table tennis, and this is a table tennis vacation! Some of my best table tennis memories are from the late 1970s when I was a regular at the Seemiller Camps. (I've emailed to see whether Dan is running camps this summer.) But I do suggest researching the camps and finding the perfect one for you. Some are primarily for kids; others are for all ages. 

Alameda TTC (Alameda, CA) has 8 weeks of camps with a kids-only and kids/adult program: http://alamedattc.org/2018SummerCamps.htm

WAB Club Feature: Maryland Table Tennis Center
Here's the profile I wrote of MDTTC! It actually started as an interview by Steve Hopkins of me for an article he was going to do, but he decided to mostly just reorganize my answers and publish it as an article by me, which was fine. 

Croatia Open
Here's the ITTF home page for the event, which finishes tomorrow in Zagreb, CRO, April 10-14.

Commonwealth Games
Here's the ITTF home page for the event, which finishes this Sunday in Oxenford, Australia.

The Importance of an Assertive Mindset in Table Tennis
Here's the article by Matt Hetherington.

High Quality Shots in Table Tennis
Here's the article by Eli Baraty.

Long Island's New Table Tennis Center and Chess Academy
Here's the interview (written) with Tahl Leibovitz by Ryan Green.

National Collegiate Table Tennis Association
Here are recent articles from them.

World Class Training with Dimitrij Ovtcharov
Here are the two videos (18:06 and 24:59). "World Cup Champion Dima demonstrates his unyielding concentration, tremendous forehand and backhand topspins while never giving up the table. Watch the extreme wrist angle change on Dima’s forehand to backhand combo to understand why his backhand attack is so spinny! Table Tennis BelgiumTV provides a real treat to watch Anton and Dimitrij show how the Pros do it in the training hall."

Timo Boll Training at T@ APAC Arena
Here's the video (4 min). Timo's the lefty, not sure who the other player is.

Loop Around the Net Practice
Here's the video (22 sec). Why haven't you done this?

Interview with Jishan Liang
Here's the video (5 min) as Jishan is interviewed by Al Herr at the Butterfly Cary Cup. Jishan will be playing in the MDTTC Open this weekend, which I'm running, and is in fact staying at my house for the weekend.

2018 Asian Cup Recap: An Early Knockdown Doesn’t Deter the Champ
Here's the article on Chinese difficulties in winning the Asian Cup, by Steve Hopkins.

Butterfly America Open Hosted by ICC Features Top Talent
Here's the article by Barbara Wei.

Third Place At Start Of Day, First Place At End
Here's the ITTF article that features USA's Amy Wang winning her group at the Croatia Open.

USATT Insider
Here's the issue that came out Wednesday.

Table Tennis in T.V. Ads and Media
Here are numerous links to them from the Mytabletennis.net forum.

Spin and Catch Challenge
Here's the video (52 sec) from Keenan Southall. 

Friday the 13th
Jason says hello!

33 Table Tennis Cartoons from The Cartoonist Group
Here's the page! (Marv Anderson found this one.)

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