December 28, 2020 - Use Quick, Deep Pushes to Set Up Your Attack

Many players use pushing as a neutral "sparring" shot. Instead, use it as a weapon. You do this by pushing quick, fast, heavy, and deep, usually to the opponent's wide backhand, either deep to the corner or even outside the corner. (You should also sometimes aim to the backhand and at the last second switch and go to the forehand, and vice versa.) To push effectively (like all other shots), you have to be light on your feet so that you can move to the incoming ball so as to be in position to make an effective push quick off the bounce. (If you have to reach, you won't push well.) Many opponents will be caught off guard if done properly. If they attack, they will often make either a weak shot or miss entirely. If they don't attack, their return push will be from deep on their side of the table - so they won't be able to take the ball quick over the table to rush you, nor will they be able to go for extreme angles on their returns, so you won't be rushed in setting up your own attack. So . . . maybe it's time to get pushy?