November 29, 2021 - How to Get Lucky

Few things are more frustrating than losing a match because the other guy got a bunch of "lucky" nets and edges. And yes, each of those nets and edges were lucky - individually. But in the long run, certain styles or tactics lead to such "luck." So, how can you get lucky?

  • If you play aggressively, you'll get more edges because your shots will tend to go deep.
  • If you play aggressively to wide angles, you'll get more edges on the side.
  • If you play shots low to the net, you'll get more nets.

But there are tradeoffs for each of these. If you play deep, you're more likely to go off the end. If you play wide angles, you're more likely to go too wide and off the side. If you play shots low to the net, you're more likely to go into the net. It's all a tradeoff.

In generally, it's good to play aggressively deep and wide. Most players play too safe, and so limit the effectiveness of their shots. Instead, challenge yourself to play these shots more aggressively, as the top players do.

However, you might not want to play your rallying shots too low to the net. When serving or pushing, that's when you want your shots low to the net. But once in a topspin rally, you need more arc on your shots for consistency. Even aggressive loops cross the net with a decent net clearance.

So, you've got to ask yourself one question. Are you ready to get lucky? Well, do ya, punk?