July 1, 2011

It's pretty hectic here at the U.S. Open in Milwaukee and I have to leave shortly to play & coach, so I won't have time to write too much. I'll write more next week after I return home. Here are a few tidbits:

  • Richard McAfee ran a nice 30-minute clinic for new players. Just before that they ran a tournament for new players, with about 50 entries.
  • Comedian Frank Caliando did a comedic exhibition with five-time U.S. Men's Champion Sean O'Neill.
  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki at Subway is GREAT.
  • Had to call an umpire in a team match I was coaching because an opponent was hiding some of his serves. It's very frustrating to have to do this. (The umpire gave him a warning on the second serve he did after she went out, for holding his arm out, which is how he was hiding serves - with the arm and thrust-out shoulder. I think he did this under pressure, and probably didn't even realize it. I don't think he did this at the Nationals, the last time I saw him play.) The father of the one who was hiding his serve . . . let's just say he didn't take it very well. 'Nuff said.
  • Because I was busy coaching I had to default out of Hardbat Singles. I'm still hoping to play Over 40 Hardbat and Hardbat Doubles, but we'll see. (Ty Hoff, my partner in doubles, knows that if there's a major conflict we'd have to default, but decided to go for it - we've won it together a number of times.)
  • Did I mention how good Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki is?
  • I introduced USA Cadet Team Member Tong Tong Gong to movie & TV star Adonis Maropis. I'm not sure who was more in awe of the other.
  • Greg Mascialino pulled off not one, but two around the net loops that basically slid on the table - in the same point! The opponent somehow got the first back.
  • Tomorrow I'm coaching Tong Tong Gong against a top player with the Seemiller grip. FINALLY I get to make use of all my knowledge of tactics against this grip!
  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki at Subway is very good. Thought you should know.

I know you want more, so…

here's three minutes 45 seconds of spectacular beer pong shots.


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Any chance you can find someone to video Tong Tong's match tomorrow? Would be very awesome to see how his match goes against the Seemiller grip player.

In reply to by vineRipeTomatoes

If you mean his match against Mike Walk (2282), he lost that, 4-1. He never was able to get comfortable against Mike's serves and wide-angle loops. However, shortly after that match he played the cadets, and he's playing very well so far, against 1900 and a 2184 player. Lots more action tomorrow.

Did Tong Tong win or lose the match where you had to call the umpire? And what was the objection of the father to having a ref, doesn't he know if his son reaches the finals of big events one is going to show up whether he likes it or not?