A Way to Make Your Backhand Hitting More Aggressive

By Larry Hodges

Are you one of those players with a steady backhand, but unable to really attack or counter-attack with it? Here's a solution: practice temporarily with short pips!

Most players won't want to switch to short pips long term because there are many disadvantages to short pips: can't spin the ball much, difficult to topspin from off the table effectively, and ball doesn't bounce off as lively so you have to generate most of the force on your shots.

However, it is this last "problem" that makes pips-out ideal to develop a more aggressive backhand. Since you have to create all of the force for your shot, short pips makes you stroke the ball more. So if you use it for a while, you will tend to extend your stroke, creating more power.

Then, when you go back to inverted, you'll find it easier to create power with your backhand.