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Tips of the Week

01-17-11: Push with Purpose and Placement!
01-24-11: When Receiving, Emphasize Placement & Consistency
01-31-11: How To Return Different Serves
02-07-11: Develop an Overpowering Strength
02-14-11: What To Do With Problem Serves
02-24-11: Wait a split second longer when looping a push, then change directions
02-28-11: A Forehand Stance While Blocking
03-07-11: Do You Hit to the Three Spots?
03-14-11: Why You MUST Attack the Deep Serve
03-21-11: Shadow Practice Your Shots
03-28-11: Seven Placements and the Wide Angles
04-04-11: What is the Goal of the Receiver?
04-11-11: The Value of Down the Line
04-18-11: Fifteen Important Deep Serves
04-25-11: The Short Serve & Short Receive, and Looping
05-02-11: Exaggerate the Opposite Motion on Serves
05-09-11: A Journey of Nine Feet Begins at Contact
05-16-11: A Levels Approach to Tactics
05-23-11: Pushing: Five out of Six Doesn't Cut It
05-30-11: Play Into the Weird Stuff
06-06-11: Practice Matches
06-13-11: Playing the Fisher
06-20-11: Are You a Tree or a Squirrel?
06-27-11: Complex Versus Simple Tactics
07-04-11: Coaching Against Yourself
07-11-11: Where to Place Your Putaways
07-18-11: The Mental State of a Looper Against a Push
07-25-11: Importance of Serve Variety
08-01-11: Jerky Strokes and Jerkyitis: World's Most Rampant Table Tennis Disease
08-08-11: Playing Lefties
08-15-11: The Book on Your Game
08-22-11: Strategic Versus Tactical Thinking
08-29-11: Suggested equipment for beginning and intermediate players
09-05-11: Short Serves to the Middle
09-12-11: The Myth of Thinking Too Much
09-19-11: Balance Leads to Feet-first Footwork
09-26-11: Develop Your Game Around Your Playing Style
10-03-11: Returning Long Serves with the Backhand
10-10-11: Trick Serves and Third-Ball Serves
10-17-11: You Must Attack Those Steady Deep Backspin Serve Returns
10-24-11: Feet at More than Shoulder Width
10-31-11: When to React
11-07-11: How to Ace an Opponent
11-14-11: Forehands from the Backhand Side
11-21-11: Remember the Good Shots
11-28-11: Message to Lower-Ranked Players from Higher-Ranked Players 
12-05-11: Going to the Well Too Often
12-12-11: Depth Control of Serves
12-19-11: Time-out Tactics
12-26-11: Balance is a Habit
01-02-12 Pushing and Looping Deep Backspin
01-09-12 Proper Care of Your Racket
01-16-12 Larry's Six-Month Rule
01-23-12 Forcing an Opponent Out of Position
01-30-12 Quick and Variable Blocks
02-06-12 Sidespin Loops
02-13-12 Those Dizzying No-Spin Serves
02-20-12 Moving Opponents In and Out
02-27-12 Opening Up the Forehand Zone
03-05-12 Proper Use of the Free Arm
03-12-12 Developing a Smash
03-19-12 Fixing the Biggest Weakness in Your Game
03-25-12 The Great Scourge of Table Tennis Footwork: Leaning
04-02-12 Grip and Stance
04-09-12 3-2-1 Placement Rule
04-16-12 Where to Place Your Spin Serves
04-23-12 Reverse Forehand Pendulum Serve
04-30-12 Chalk up Wins with Chop Blocks
05-07-12 How to Play and Practice with Weaker Players
05-14-12 Returning the Tomahawk Serve
05-21-12 Forehand Deception with Shoulder Rotation
05-28-12 Make a Game of Your Weaknesses
06-04-12 Serving Short with Spin
06-11-12 Dealing with Cheaters and Poor Sportsmanship
06-18-12 Playing in Different Time Zones
06-25-12 The Game is All Mental
07-09-12 Telegraphing Serves
07-16-12 Serving Low
07-23-12 Ready Position
08-06-12 The Feel of Good Technique
08-13-12 Racket Tip Angle on the Backhand
08-20-12 Covering the Middle
08-27-12 Movement in Doubles
09-03-12 Multiball Training
09-10-12 If You Can See It, You Can Loop It
09-17-12 Why Table Tennis Really Is Chess at Light Speed
09-24-12 Care of Equipment
10-01-12 Short Serves to the Forehand from the Backhand Side
10-08-12 Training Cycles
10-15-12 How to Handle the First Loop Off Backspin
10-22-12 Turn Opponents into Puppets with Long Serves
10-29-12 The Falkenberg Drill
11-05-12 Developing Your Forehand Smash
11-13-12 Complex or Simple Tactics?
11-19-12 Backhand and Forehand Playing Distance
11-27-12 Serving Short to Forehand and Long to Backhand
12-03-12 The Backhand Loop and Hit One-Two Punch
12-10-12 Body Movement During Forehand Loop
12-17-12 Distance from Table
12-31-12 Balance Throughout the Stroke
01-07-13 Six Great Rallying Tactics